13 North & South EP

by Pelican Johnny

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Before "Relentless Heart" comes "13 North & South" - an eclectic hook-laden 8 song EP from one-man-band DIYer-to-a-fault, Pelican Johnny. Featuring new songs off the upcoming album as well as remastered old songs which were recorded in cold bedrooms, played on old guitars not completely in tune, and sang during the darkest - and medium brightest - of times. Ups and downs. Good and bad. North and south.


released November 22, 2013

All lyrics and music by Pelican Johnny Roberts (BMI).
Recorded at Snake Oil Recording Studio (Richmond, VA) by Dan-O Deckelman and No Outlet Studio (Chesapeake, VA) by Pelican Johnny Roberts.
("BYB" and "50 Nights" recorded live in a bedroom on Cary St, Richmond, VA. "Where I Lay" recorded in a lesser equipped No Outlet Studio.)
Produced and mixed by Pelican Johnny Roberts.
Mastered at Whiskey Bear Studio (Virginia Beach, VA) by Chris Kendrick with additional mastering at No Bed Studio (Austin, TX) by Pelican Johnny Roberts.
Original Artwork by Rose Haywood. Concept/Layout by Pelican Johnny Roberts.
Special thanks to Greg and Nicole Mones for being totally awesome effin' people! and for contributing background vocals on "Happy Tonight"!


all rights reserved



Pelican Johnny Austin, Texas

Hailing from the Atlantic coast of Virginia, Pelican Johnny, is a one-man-band and bandleader currently based in Austin, Texas who has previously spent his musical career playing drums and guitar (recording and touring) in a diverse array of bands from around the country. Now, as a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he employs the same raw energy in his brand of folk-punk Americana. ... more

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Track Name: 13 North & South
On a narrow strip of land
Between two coasts
13 runs north and south
but somehow, it's just the end of the road

My father was a prison guard
I know I will be one too
Like the people of the Kentucky coal mines
There's just nothing else to do
If I could save up, I'd be heading out
But I've got nowhere to go

13 runs north and south
but somehow, it's just the end of the road

The neighbor is breaking into our house
And he's pushing us around
The sheriff don't give a good goddamn
In this lawless town
Keep it up man, just keep on pushing
until you're making me explode

13 runs north and south
but somehow, it's just the end of the road

My best friend before he died was a wise & simple man
He said "Son, don't you be like me. You better get out while you can"
Still I do my best to forget that I've got something to lose
I do my best to forget with help from this bottle of booze

Sometimes on the edge of town
Where the marshes meet the street
I can see way past this place
To where I wanna be
So I'll be saving up and I'll be heading out
To where I don't know

13 runs north and south
but somehow, it's just the end of the road
Track Name: Happy Tonight
Staying afloat beside a boat
In the Gulf of Mexico
With no work to think about today
Many times when I’m feeling down
I just turn this head around
And the good times are on their way

It’s not right, it’s never right
But we’re all happy, deep down inside
When I’m singing a song with my friends
Because I can, then I know I’m happy tonight

Late at night with my friends
Hide and seek will never end
No one will be leaving here ‘till two
No booze or drugs are needed
Especially when the music’s bleeding
A melody the whole night through

Walking with a girl who’s pretty
Down the sidewalk of the city
It makes me feel like a lucky guy
She’ll be there when times are wrong
And help me sing this special song
On a big beach under a bright blue sky
Track Name: My Spirit's High
Oh no, I’ve ran my mouth
Someone else wants to kick my ass again
And I do care

But who are they to ruin my day
When you’re around, things are going my way
And you know, you make me smile

My spirit’s high and I know why
‘Cause she’s providing
A reason to look the other way

Looks like I’ve scratched my guitar
My glasses are gone and my ego is scarred pretty bad
And I do care

But when you’re in my car
It helps me to know where my priorities are
And it’s you on the top of my list

We'll be heading west to the country
But that’s another day
Right now the busy river city
Will soon be calling my name

But let’s walk in the park
Sneak around after dark
Come on baby, let’s enjoy today
Track Name: I Ain't Gonna Kill You
Traveling through this bumpy lifelong journey
There are folks who will take and act unkind
They will try and get to you
No matter what you might do
There's a jerk in sheep's clothing all the time

Gossip fiends tell everyone around them
Fairy tales about things I haven't done
I try and take the higher road
But it goes so goddamn slow
So I sing this song and helps me to carry on

I ain't gonna kill you but I'd be happy if you died
Straight up your ass would be the place for this web of lies
I've never met someone like you who treats me like you do
I ain't gonna kill you but I'd be happy if you died

Supremacy is an oxymoron
Especially when it's assumed by shits like you
Intelligence you can't tolerate
A poor substitute for hate
Hitler is dead and you should be too

I ain't gonna kill you but I'd be happy if you died
Straight up your ass would be the place for this foolish pride
I've never met someone like you who treats me like you do
I ain't gonna kill you but I'd be happy if you died
Track Name: I'm Not Mad
Seven o’clock in the morning
But I’ve been up since way before
I’ve been awake, yeah man I know
Head straight for the shower
Last refuge before the end of the hour
Into the day I go

And so I’m satisfied
I won’t be obliged
To say
Maybe the reason why
I am pacified today
I’m not mad because
I’m not allowed to be mad

And so, a smile on my face
Anything else would just go to waste
It’s the only way, yeah man I know
Don't bother to try and fight
When you can’t look forward to the things you like
Don’t even try, yeah man I know
Track Name: BYB *2009 Bedroom Track*
I’ve got an empty house for an
Empty heart
I don’t know where it began so
Where do I start?
And I’m tired of waiting for your
Mind to change
So I’ve made up by my mind to be the
Biggest pain again
It’s not that you didn’t know
It’s not that I didn’t show I care
My thoughts just got one place to go
But at least I didn’t quit
Anonymous bitch
Track Name: 50 Nights (Relentless Heart) *2009 Bedroom Track*
I grab my bike and I head out into the fog
My conscience would kill me if I stayed
Alone, so I called - do you still care at all?
I’m reaching out for help on my birthday

“Don’t try and fight” is what they tell me
But I can’t keep it all inside
Lay down to rest this memory today
I’m hoping that this soul will survive

I’ve spent been fifty nights crying
That pretty ghost won’t let me get no sleep
A relentless heart will never stop from trying
To get back what was taken from me
To get back my sanity

In the cool autumn air when I combed up my hair
And I was looking like the day when we first met
I plead and I beg to take me back again
A night ensued I won’t soon forget

On that very last night when you held me
And I fell asleep squeezing you tight
Please don’t tell me that this is the end
Let me down easy if you can

I’ve got a missed connection with myself
Chances blown and a controversy made
I can’t seem to help myself
Gone too far and now it’s too late
Please don’t let today be too late

Seven months and a million letters later
I’m looking back to see how far I’ve come
Driving five states now to make myself feel better
I’ve sought and found a little bit of fun

But don’t get me wrong, something’s missing
Like a child who’s been taken from his home
An endless soundtrack that keeps me coming back
To the one I love: this heart will never roam
Track Name: Where I Lay (Don't Matter) *2010 Bedroom Track*
I started out on the wrong side of the tracks
so I followed them tracks
and I ain't looking back
until I see the smoke of the textile mills

I know some folks, got a place to stay
Jen sells the hooch, thats a place to play
And I'm never too far from escape by the rails

It don't matter where I lay
When I lay my body down
As long as I hear that train whistle sound

It don't matter where I sleep
If I hear that whistle weep
I can remember the days spent on those Richmond streets

Burlesque show on a Friday night
The drunks will drink and the [edge] boys will fight
And the broken hearts, they will go unnoticed

My bicycle's locked next to yours
Lets get out of here and ride to the shores
of the James River and sing away our blues

Follow the river down
I think about the years I let others down
I hope they don't remember me this way

I stand on a rock and I look around
I'm thankful for the happiness that I've found
I won't fuck it up this time or at least I'll try

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